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Surface Preparation

Shot Blasting Concrete

Commercial Floor Preparation

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Surface preparation is one of the most important phases of installing a top-quality flooring system and surface preparation is PWT specialty and niche focus. Quite simply, no other company can match PWT unique combination of experience and equipment to get this important job done right, and get it done quickly.

What is Surface Prep?

Surface preparation (“prep”) is the demolition of existing coating or flooring systems and preparation of the underlying concrete surface through mechanical abrasion for installation of a new flooring system. Whenever an industrial or commercial building is being remodeled or renovated, it’s likely that the flooring will need to be at least repaired and in many cases it must be completely replaced. In order to install the new flooring system, this existing flooring must first be demolished and removed. Following this, and equally importantly, the concrete slab must be prepared for the installation of the new flooring system. Only after this can the new flooring system be installed.

Paul White Company Interior Solutions surface preparation
machinery can take care of:

  • Concrete floor coating removal (up to 1/4″ concrete removal)
  • Mastic removal
  • Epoxy mortar removal
  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Sealer removal
  • Elastomeric Membrane removal
  • Rubber build-up removal
  • Parking deck and bridge membrane removal
  • Elastomeric removal
  • Paint removal
  • Thinset
  • Adhesives
  • Damaged concrete surfaces due to weather improper install

Problem Floors

 Chemical Exposure

Floor topping failure
Deteriorated Concrete Surface
Damaged Concrete
Concrete Failure

Floor Removal & Preparation Video

The Importance of Good Surface Prep

Details are very important to proper surface prep.

At first, surface prep may not seem such an important part of the remodeling and installing a new flooring system. No one will see the old concrete slab or how the old flooring or coating was removed, so how much does it really matter? Although it may just seem like an annoying chore, flooring manufacturers will tell you that the success of a new flooring system is critically dependent on how the old flooring was removed and the new surface prepared. Put simply, if the surface prep is not done correctly, the new flooring system will not be as durable as it should be and its other properties (such as chemical resistance or moisture mitigation) may also be compromised. It’s a waste of both time and money to have a new flooring system fail, so it’s essential that surface preparation is done right.

Surface Prep Methods

To quickly and efficiently remove existing flooring systems and prepare surfaces for new floorings or coatings, highly specialized machines are used, including: diamond grinders, shot blasters and scarifiers.. All this equipment is specifically-designed to remove existing flooring systems quickly and safely, without damaging the underlying concrete slab. Use of these machines also largely avoids the need for powerful chemicals, which can be hazardous to human health and the environment. By using these state-of-the-art machines, PWT offers surface preparation for premises small and large.

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