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Recycling & Environmental Design

Commercial – Specialty Services

Paul White Company offers a complete range of specialty services: demolition, shot blasting, bridge concrete repair, self leveling, moisture remediation, waterproofing, and floor preparation.
Your partner throughout the project across Maine, New Hampshire and Northern New England

A world of green choices

Being environmentally responsible is an important part of our company culture.

Through our association with the Starnet Commercial Flooring Cooperative, we follow the latest initiatives to keep used carpet out of landfills. Any carpeting we remove can be recycled as new flooring material or as fuel for electricity generation.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system to provide a national standard for green building design. As LEED flooring specialists, we can guide you to ecological interior solutions. We provide a range of products that meet LEED standards and satisfy a growing demand for planet-friendly alternatives:

  • Hardwood from sustainable forests
  • Bamboo and cork planks and tiles
  • Linoleum, made from all-natural products
  • Recycled vinyl floor tiles
  • Wool carpeting and 100% recyclable natural padding
  • Non-toxic adhesives and adhesive-free installation systems

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