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Lift System

Commercial – Specialty Services

Paul White Company offers a complete range of specialty services: demolition, shot blasting, bridge concrete repair, self leveling, moisture remediation, waterproofing, and floor preparation.

Now there’s no need to move heavy furniture and office equipment when installing new carpet tiles. At Paul White Company we have the skilled personnel and specialized equipment to lift these items in place. Using the Liftman™ lift system, we can complete installations quickly and economically — while minimizing disruption and downtime in busy work environments.

The Liftman eliminates the need for expensive & disruptive furniture moves by allowing your staff to stay in place during the installation of new flooring. Desks, office partitions and file cabinets are lifted to allow for removal and replacement of carpet, taking movers, computer & phone technicians, and temporary office space out of the process, saving you time, money, and hassles.

Operating this specialized lifting equipment requires expertise. Our trained Liftman operators are fully trained, certified and experienced.

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