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Demolition & Floor Prep


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Commercial – Specialty Services

Paul White Company offers a complete range of specialty services: demolition, shot blasting, bridge concrete repair, self leveling, moisture remediation, waterproofing, and floor preparation.

The Terminator® Floor Removal Machine

Paul White Company has the newest, most powerful floor removal equipment available in Maine. The TERMINATOR saves contractors time, effort and money by removing virtually any flooring or coating quickly and easily during demolition or floor prep projects. Operated by our trained technicians, the TERMINATOR can take up thousands of square feet of resilient, carpet, ceramic, stones, hardwoods, epoxies and more in a single day. And having our experienced personnel on site allows you to focus on other tasks, reduce labor costs and condense your schedule.

  • Fast – The Terminator removes 80-90% of most floor coverings on the first pass. Most residual adhesive, glue, mastic and thin set can also be removed in a single pass, saving hours of prep time.
  • Efficient – Completes a typical job 10 to 20 times faster than conventional chipping and scraping with less than half the work force.
  • Flexible – This flooring removal machine fits through standard doorways and elevators and is flexible enough to maneuver in most spaces. Includes forklift channels for easy lifting.
  • Safe and Quiet – Operates quietly and without excessive heat for everyone’s comfort and safety. There are no bulky power cords to keep out of the way.
  • Tough – Rises to the toughest floor-removal and demolition challenges.
  • No or Low Fumes – Protects indoor air quality. Choose between the battery-powered TERMINATOR 1500ei (no emission) or the propane-powered TERMINATOR 2000 (low emission).

The Panther® Floor Stripping Machine

The Panther floor-stripping machine is ideal for smaller applications. Totally self-propelled, this walk-behind machine offers extra maneuverability. The Panther removes virtually any substance adhered to the floor – thoroughly, quickly and quietly. Easy to operate, the Panther is available for rental through Paul White Company in Portland, Maine.

  • Totally self-propelled
  • Easy to operate
  • Variable speeds of 10 to 45 feet per minute
  • Maintenance-free fluid drive
  • Quiet 1-1/2 HP motor
  • Low amp draw
  • Wheels disengage for maneuverability
  • High-traction wheels with cleaners
  • Quick detachable counter-weight system
  • Quick and easy blade change
  • Swivel head attachment keeps blade in contact with floor
  • Variety of blade style and sizes available

The Blastrac® Shot Blaster

Shot blasting with Blastrac is the quickest, most effective way to remove contaminants from a concrete slab or concrete floor during flooring removal jobs. This includes old adhesives, paint, grease, oil—anything that could prevent a clean bond with your new flooring system. Operated by our trained technicians, the Blastrac shot blaster cleans and profiles in one easy step. Because the unit vacuums and contains all debris, Blastrac is environmentally friendly, too. Shot blasting does not introduce chemical adhesive solvents, which have high vapor emissions and can attack new adhesives. The Blastrac shot blaster is available through Paul White Company in Portland, Maine.

Floor Prep

The quality and look of a finished floor is directly related to the condition of the sub-floor. During the floor prep phase of the project, our craftsmen can correct any deficiency in your sub-floor surface, using everything from adhesive removal and skim coats to huge self-leveling pours from our concrete patch pump.

Moisture Remediation

Moisture is the #1 challenge facing the flooring industry. Even small amounts of moisture vapor can destroy floor-covering bonds, resulting in costly shut-downs and replacements. At Paul White Company in Portland, Maine, we know that prevention is the key to solving moisture problems. Upon inspecting your site, we can use moisture remediation testing kits to measure the rate of moisture vapor emissions. If moisture is detected, we can provide a number of cost-effective measures that ensure a successful installation.

For more information on all our floor preparation services please call: (207) 274-6158