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Cork flooring has come a long way in the past 100 years. Thanks to technological advances and the growing interest in sustainability, cork is making a comeback as a popular flooring option. Our showroom displays beautiful samples from Natural Cork, Capri, and Expanko.

Always beautiful, cork is available in many new patterns and colors. Cork is warm and comfortable underfoot and provides sound insulation. In addition, cork is naturally hypoallergenic, fire resistant and anti-microbial. These traits make cork an ideal choice for homes, offices and public spaces (including the Library of Congress in Washington, DC!). Durable, distinctive and easy to maintain, cork is available in convenient tiles or floating floor planks.

A Planet-Friendly Choice

Cork flooring is “green” in two distinct ways. First – it doesn’t involve cutting trees; cork comes from the renewable bark of cork trees, part of the beech family. Second – cork flooring is recycled, being a bi-product of the bottle-cork industry. Leftover cork is ground up and formed into sheets using minimal adhesives and high pressure to bind the particles together.

For all kinds of reasons, you can feel good about choosing cork flooring.

Our design consultants will be happy to tell you more and show you our full selection.